Chiloé is the second largest island in South America, located in the Lake Region of southern Chile. The island is the home of a traditional culture of fishermen and craftsmen, famous for its agriculture and abundant seafood. It is rich in mythology, reknowned for its sheep wool products, and contians historic churches constructed of native woods. In this small corner of the world, there is one the largest variety of potato that can be found.

Located in the Chiloé archipelago, near Castro, its coordinates are:

In WGS84:
Latitude: S42º 36' 59.9"
Length: W73º 30' 01.7"
UTM: E622983 N5280667

Its surface is 29 square kilometers, with a population of 1,200 who are mainly farmers, fishermen and craftsmen. The island does not have continuous electricity, which is only available for four hours each day. It’s a wonderful destination for those who wish to unplug themselves from the world. You can enjoy hiking, swimming, horse riding, fishing, and beautiful sightseeing.

Main Attractions

• Natural environment, excellent beaches for swimming and fishing.
• Boat rides.
• Horse riding, on amazing paths.
• Excellent natural spots for wonderful photography.
• Historic churches and cemeteries.
• And within minutes of Quehui you can visit Chelín Island where you will find its historic church, declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2001.

Getting there

• By sea: daily service from Castro, Monday to Saturday in comfortable ships (the journey takes two hours or so).
• By sea and land: 50 km from Castro to Puchilco, near the city of Puqueldon (Lemuy Island). In Puchilco there is a parking lot, and from there it is a boat ride of about 20 minutes.
• The island has its own airstrip.

is a family project, located in the heart of the archipelago. In addition to providing tourist services it promotes the participation of the local community, sharing our natural and cultural heritage. We invite visitors to stop by and enjoy our way of life.

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